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Finding an emergency road service is a massive headache – right?

Not when you already have one saved in your phone.

A service provider you can trust to provide quick, accurate ETAs. A service you know will restore your car to 100% with experienced professionals using tools and products appropriate for your vehicle.

A service that has your back whenever you need emergency assistance – day or night.

That’s who we are at Go Ape Roadside. And it’s time we started working together.

Call us anytime at 619-684-0566, or better yet, start your membership today!

5 Great Reasons to Take Out a Membership Now

A membership is the easiest way to ensure you never pay over the odds for emergency roadside assistance. It's the best way to ensure you always have access to the finest service provider in San Diego and the surrounding area. Here's why you need to work with us.

1. You'll Never Have to Panic-Search for "Emergency Roadside Assistance Near Me"

Say you're driving to San Diego airport. You've set off in plenty of time. You're fully prepared for all the usual airport hassle. And then you get a flat tire. Suddenly, all the careful preparation in the world depends on having access to emergency roadside assistance. And the clock is ticking. The last thing you need is to be searching frantically for roadside assistance online. You need a service to be on the way immediately. When you have a membership with Go Ape, that's exactly what is already happening. We provide the swiftest, most effective services for any type of disabled vehicle on the road. Simply send us your breakdown location and your vehicle's information, and we'll be on the way. And then you'll be on the way to your destination with minimal delays and no headache. Simple.

2. Save Yourself Money

Our membership program is $4.17 per month. That's a $50 annual bill. Our callout bill is $55 for members. The cost of a non-membership callout from most companies is already higher than the cost of our combined callout and annual membership fee. Anyone who is confident that they'll never require a roadside service probably hasn't been driving for long. Experience teaches wise drivers that it's best to have the finest professional roadside assistance on hand when disaster strikes. You'll thank yourself for being smart ahead of time. And your wallet will thank you for saving it a hefty bill.

3. We Handle All Sorts of Emergency Roadside Problems in San Diego County

We're a comprehensive emergency roadside service in San Diego. Common issues we address include: Car battery replacements, Car lockout problems, Tire inflation, Tire changes, Dead battery jump start, Towing, Fuel delivery, We're experts in working with modern cars (including Tesla cars) and have all the necessary tools on hand to ensure your beloved vehicle gets the personalized service it deserves. Whatever your problem, we're the answer. Start your membership today!

4. Know That You're Working with a Trusted Local Company

Working with well-respected local roadside services is always a better bet than relying on a national provider. Response times are faster. Service is more personal. You know we'll be around when you need us most. Emergency means emergency. A membership guarantees you the fastest service at the best price.

5. 24/7 Support

We're available for callouts at any time of day or night. Our tow truck service is operated by California's top professionals around the clock. Whenever you need an emergency roadside service, you deserve the best. That's exactly what you'll get with Go Ape. Start your membership now!

When Do You Need Emergency Roadside Services?

The best emergency roadside services have 3 priorities:

  • Getting you to your destination as quickly as possible
  • Providing first-class care for your vehicle
  • Helping out with any additional measures to make your life easier


Skipping any one of these means you’re getting a substandard service. Here’s how we provide the highest quality of emergency road service to each and every customer, no matter the issue.

Flat Tire

A flat tire is a simple fix – but it’s not a rush job.

If you get a flat and you’re in a hurry, or if you’re unsure how to change a tire properly, you risk much more than losing a few minutes. You risk putting yourself and others in danger.

We’ll arrive in record time and change your tire before you know it – and you can guarantee your car is running at 100%.

Jump Start Services

We provide jump starts for vehicles with a dead battery, without any risk to you or your fellow motorists.

A jump start is simple when you’ve done it thousands of times. We have.

We’ll be with you quickly and have you ready to go in no time. Trust the professionals.

Fuel Delivery

If you can’t make it to the nearest gas station, simply pull into the roadside and give us a call.

We’ll bring the right fuel for your vehicle and ensure it’s topped up appropriately. Service calls are affordable and our response times are super-quick.

Tesla Services

We’re Tesla experts – and your beloved vehicle deserves expert assistance.

If your Tesla requires a road service, you’ll want our number saved to ensure it’s treated appropriately and that there’s no risk of inappropriate equipment or substandard parts being used for repairs or replacements.

Locksmith Services

Shut your car door with the keys inside? A car lockout is irritating – but help is at hand.

We can open locked doors safely and get you back on the road ASAP. Call our dedicated team 24/7 for assistance.

Our Service Area

We offer towing services in San Diego County and the surrounding area. Our headquarters is at 1925 Euclid Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92105.

From San Ysidro to Otay Mesa to La Jolla Cove, we’re known as the premier roadside assistance provider in San Diego. If you need to get roadside assistance nearby, call us – we’ll be on our way immediately.

What Sets Our Roadside Service Apart?

Several factors contribute to our reputation as the top roadside service provider in San Diego. We like to think it’s all about our winning smiles, but here are the hard facts.

Fast, Accurate ETAs

We’re the 24/7 emergency road service that always turns up when you need us most. Our truck is already packed – call us now.

Regular Updates

We provide status updates so you know when we’ll arrive and how soon you’ll be back on the road. Peace of mind is our specialty.

Top-Quality Tools and Materials Suited to YOUR Vehicle

We’ll ensure your insurance coverage isn’t negatively affected by slipshod workmanship or inadequate replacements. If we can’t make repairs to the highest standard while roadside, we’ll tow your vehicle to the nearest repair facility to ensure it gets first-class treatment.

...and Much More! Contact Us Now to Find Out

From superb customer support to car door locksmith services, find out what makes us the #1 emergency road service in San Diego and why you can depend on us at all times.

Give us a call at 619-684-0566!

Contact Go Ape Roadside Today - Your Trusted Local Service Providers for All Roadside Emergencies

The best action in an emergency is to be prepared for the emergency beforehand.

That means having our number saved in your phone. It means protecting your wallet and your vehicle with our ultra-affordable $4.17/month membership.


The AAA is a national service, and often very busy. For priority service, it’s much better to rely on a local provider.

AARP and AAA are reasonably similar services. However, both are more expensive and less reliable than our San Diego roadside service.

AAA memberships begin at $64.99/year – for comparison, our service is only $50/year with super-cheap callout costs.